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SM Team 10Jul 2023 4 min

San Marino is The World’s Oldest Independent Republic

San Marino is an independent country located on the Italian Peninsula. An advanced economy, the region has a longstanding trade, banking & financial services tradition, with most incumbent banks well over 100 years old, and a robust democracy which lies at the heart of the nation.

San Marino is a Civil Law jurisdiction, the official currency is EUR. The majority of the 33,000 population is highly educated and English-speaking even though the official language is Italian.

The country is not a member of the EU allowing it to be exempt from a lot of direct regulatory enforcement, however is a member of the UN, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), European Council, and has a Trade Union with the EU.

The State is NOT on any OECD, FATF or ACAMS grey or blacklists and is recognized as fully tax-cooperative by ECOFIN.

San Marino has 23 Double Taxation Agreements, 30 Tax Information Agreements and 8 Investor Promotion and Protection Agreements.

With an average GDP per Capita of 45 000 USD the country has an exceptional standard of living, healthcare system and a progressive low taxation system (from 0% CET) encouraging FDI and FPI as well as attracting commerce.

Strategic positioning with Milan, Rimini and Bologna between 20 minutes and 4.5 hours by car from the country allows for efficient travel to and from the country as well as trade between San Marino and the rest of Europe and the World. There is no physical border between Italy and San Marino, no visas are required for entry.

San Marino is now focusing on attracting innovation-minded, fintech, payments and blockchain/crypto-asset businesses into the region through a range of licensure, regulatory, tax and ease-of-doing-business incentives.

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